What's New at Anubis and Spot's Place?

If you come to my page a lot, you may find it hard to find what has been added.
This page will show all updates and will link to the major ones, which should make things a little easier!

**First off, this page is ALWAYS updated first!**

We have been at Citicom since 3/1/98

Well, it's almost 2003! I know that the page has been getting REALLY stale, but I am now attending UF and it is only going to get worse! Hopefully I can get a few things done over the holidays. Stay tuned!
I am planning to kill a lot of the older pages and put up some of my new interests..

Check out the  GAMES PAGE for the latest update !

2/06/02UPS SUCKS !
 Click here to learn more

7/29/01Added the AUTHORS page, which now includes Stephen King, Brian Lumley, and L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

Another freshen up for several pages, and a new Games Page! where you can see a little about my latest favorite game!
Also, I updated all the music and sounds to make the consoles look better, and turned off autoplay for all sounds and music (again) for you surfers at work..
And I fixed all links that pointed outside of this site to open in a new window, and updated many broken links.
I also dropped the old counter since it was busted, and put up a better one with no guestbook (no one signed it anyway!)

I am saddened to learn about the death of Douglas Adams.
I set all the midi player heights to 42 in remembrance of this talented author.
Go here to learn more:
 Douglas Adams

Just freshened up the Music to Live By section, which should get those load times down !
Also did a little fix up for Spot's Spot, the Duke Deathmatch page, Net Paranoia, and other little things.
College is always getting harder, but I will try to get the rest of the site freshened up ASAP.

I've went through all of the pages, dropped some, added more, and generally freshened up the entire site!
Don't forget to stop in to the Consumer Awareness Page! , you want to know if you're getting ripped off, don't you?

I'm really sorry to hear about the people that died for no reason in the senseless shooting at Columbine High School.  Here's a few of my thoughts on the subject:
 Senseless Shooting

Added Rob Zombie's new CD to the
 Music to Live By  page.