Internet Network

Where the only two forms of communication used are silence, and nasty little E-Mails that NEVER answer your questions!

As you can see, I am very unhappy with my old ISP. I will now take the time to list the reasons why.

1. It doesn't matter what the question is!

You will either get no response at all, or the snippy little Innet trolls will slam out a 3 line E-Mail answering nothing. The majority of these E-Mails are their titles, address, and phone #.

2. If they update or change the software, no one will EVER tell you. You will have to get E-Mail from someone visiting your page (or trying to) letting you know that you have a problem. The favorite screw-ups are: Sending MIDI files out as a text document, and making access to your page by anyone FORBIDDEN. Oh, and if the dialup is on the fritz (Every Friday after 5pm until Monday morning) you can forget about the E-Mail as well.

3. If you're lucky enough not to get a busy signal, 50% of the time the host will hang up on you, telling you that there is something wrong with your software. This NEVER happens at Citicom!

4. Once you get connected, forget downloading anything!

You will be lucky to get 10K before Innet crashes and burns. I would say that 20% of the time Innet works fine. These hours are 3am-4:30am, Monday and Tuesday. Unless either of those days are a holiday.

5. My biggest complaint is with their people skills. THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY! Never there for you, office and dialup numbers work only on some freakish ratio that must be like 1:139048561245123451 calls will be answered.

6. I HATE INNET! There, I said it and I feel better!

7. Proof? You want proof? OK!!!! This is just a typical Innet thing. I sent an E-Mail cancelling my internet service at 2pm on 2/20/98 (I know, who would expect them to be in on a Friday?). The letter was as follows:


>I am writing to let you know that I wish to discontinue my internet service with >Innet. I am on a credit card account, so the last month of service (February) is >paid to the end. Please do not bill me for March. I will remove the major content >of my page upon your reply that all is OK.

>I will only leave an address to the new site with a small link picture. (Which >should be there until the end of the month)

I then added my account login, address, and phone #.

Well, Monday rolled around to 5pm with no reply, so I sent the letter again that evening. I heard nothing by Wednesday, so I called the office. (The # disconnected me 4 times before I was able to speak with anyone.) Of course, accounting went home for the day, so I left a message for someone to please call me from accounting. Thursday evening rolls around and still no call, and no E-Mail. I figured they were trying to jerk me around until they could bill me for another month, and I was beyond pissed. I don't know why, Innet had always had the same policy of no call, no help.

Just to make sure they wouldn't pull one of those 'We weren't notified' deals, I re-sent the E-Mail 4 times in a row, which got this response:

>I have received your cancellation notice at least 10 times. It has been cancelled. >Please stop sending these messages. You just sent me 4 of the same message.

>(Name omitted)Accounting

>Internet Network Corp

I sent this in reply:

>Accounting (Name again omitted),

>One of the reasons that I cancelled my service with you is because of your LACK >OF COMMUNICATION!

>I asked for a REPLY, and didn't get one. A REPLY means that I wanted to hear >from you all to make sure everything was OK. Innet's people and communication >skills are severely lacking. I had to resort to sending multiple messages, because >one message or a phone call never elicits a response from Innet, especially when >the dialup number as well as the office number only works about 40% of the time. >In addition to cancellation, please make sure you DELETE my credit card >numbers from all electronic, as well as paper documentation in your possession.

>Please REPLY and let me know that all is taken care of.

And recieved a true to form response:

>As stated before your account has been cancelled.

Aren't these people a chatty bunch? I would visit the office sometime, but I would be afraid that Innet would only have monkeys running around eating bananas and pulling out phone cords...

That's my beef ! Thanks for reading.